division test

today we got are division test back and I was scared so much but I did great on it even if i got a two and a two+ I am happy even if  my parents yell at me for getting a two.

i got a 3 on knowledge.

a 2+ in thinking.

and a 2 in communication.

my teacher said I should do better in communication and i know because


Last Friday we went to glen Eden.When I went down this girl came and crashed into someone.So I went down the hill to go help them up and to make sure there ok. then this guy came and said you have to lear to tern,then he ripped of her tag and when you get your tag ripped of that meas you cant ski anymore so I felt so sorry for her.

Here is a video about a college softball team for girls that shows good sportsmanship.  We watched this video with Mrs. King when she came in to teach us about sportsmanship.

welcome to my blog!!

hi i’m alexa and i love tacos and basket ball. My favorite color is purple and green.I’m in grade 5 and i love art and running.In the third grade i came first for cross country.I don’t know what i would do without my friends and family. A couple of my friends are Erin,Autumn ,Samantha,Ethan,Quinn and Alishba. oh and i like pandas and making rainbow loom.           😉 😉 😉